Fire's Love

Elemental Series Book 1

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Synopsis of Fire's Love

Kira thought she was leaving her demons behind when she left for college.  Unfortunately, demons are everywhere.  Not only are they real, but they're protecting her; that is, except for the ones who want her dead.


Kira's parents want to reveal things to her about who she really is, but a strange phenomena prevents them from explaining.  Before they can try again, her mother and brother die and her father disappears.  To make matters worse, Kira finds a mysterious book in her parents' belongings.  Although the book confuses Kira, it comforts her too.  She's sure it holds some of the answers she's been searching for.


Kira soon learns that one of her new friends, Lowell Hew, is also a demon - Ulric the Wolf.  Lowell tries to help her solve the mysteries involving her parents, the book and the elements they wanted her to know.  Things are going well until an eerie presence begins to threaten Kira and her new friends, and they can only speculate as to who it may be.


While her new friends protect her and try to uncover their enemy's identity, Kira falls in love with Pyre, a fire demon with a fiery temperament.  Will she bask in the warmth, or be consumed by the flames in...

Fire's Love

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